Custom Business and IT Automation

Leverage Software You Already Have

There's a lot of great software available these days. In fact, your business already uses some of it. Yet there's still frustration that these tools don't quite cover everything. Every day you and your team are still bogged down with manual tedium.

Free Your Staff to Accomplish More

With experience in software development, system administration and business management, let Frontier Tech Team plug the gaps. We'll work with you to develop simple tools that connect your existing software and processes together, eliminating manual work, improving consistency and increasing auditability.

Check out some of our recent work below and then get in touch so we can start work on your project today.


Developers write awesome software but may not know how to manage the computers that it runs on. Operations teams keep the systems purring along but don't always get the software tools they need. With experience on both sides of the fence, we write the scripts that keep things flowing smoothly.

Business Processes

If only commercial software developers understood how you run your business. Often you have all the data you need, it's just handled differently than you'd like. We create scripts take the data you already have but process it according to your custom business rules.

Data Transformation

Wouldn't it be nice if all your business data showed up in just the format you needed. Instead, you have PDF instead of CSV, XML instead of TXT, XLS instead of SQL. Forget manual cut-and-paste; let us customize scripts to get you what you need from what you have.

Recent Work

RPM Using off-the-shelf continuous integration tools, we developed a system to package, deploy and test the resulting software in a RedHat environment

Scheduling Sidestepping cumbersome legacy tools, we constructed a website to monitor scheduled maintenance jobs, publish logs and enable the team to rerun failed jobs immediately.

nunit We implemented script to collect post-install integration test results and publish them back to an existing test monitoring framework.

DNS We scripted DNS updates via the cpanel API so a client overseas could still access services hosted in the office even after nightly IP address reassignment. (sample code)

Credit We added a script to payroll processing that cross-referenced credit card receipts with employee punches to automatically share tips among a restaurant's counter staff.

ACH We created a script to generate NACHA-compliant files so our client can feed direct deposit data directly into the bank's cash management system.

PDF As part of the migration to a new account system, we converted old bank PDF statements to CSV for import.

XML We wrote a web-hosted tool that let customer support staff preprocess huge XML reports down into smaller files manageable in Excel.

Timeclock We provided a script to extract data from a weekly timesheet report and email employees just their personal timeclock punches.